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Background: Why unionize?

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Changes at The Morning Call and its parent company have been constant over the last several years, highlighted by various corporate distractions and muddled initiatives that have left employees with no clear-cut strategy. Included in that is the much-ridiculed name change in June 2016 to tronc (later changed back to Tribune Publishing) and accompanying video that claimed our journalism would be fed into a funnel and optimized.

Then, of course, there has been the constant impression that Tribune Publishing, despite making deals for the New York Daily News and The Virginian-Pilot, has long been attempting to unload the company. Gannett took a swing and missed in 2016 and, in December 2018, Tribune rebuffed an offer from McClatchy Co. Now, many are speculating about the rekindling of a potential Gannett-Tribune tie-up, which would help Gannett fend off a takeover attempt from Digital First Media while also presenting the opportunity for cost savings if the two companies were to marry.

As is the case with most Tribune news of the past three years, the latest speculation and distraction won't be the last.

In our

, we lay out the case for banding together.

In our Mission Statement, we make clear our priorities.